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Basic Caricature

This is the “BASIC” caricature order form. Use this form to order a head and shoulders caricature of one person.

Line art is CAD$29.99, Color is CAD$39.99. No revisions are included in this price, you will just receive the final drawing in your email. (If you’re looking for a more complex drawing involving more than one person, or if you’d like to request revisions, use the “Custom Caricature” order form below.)

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Custom Caricature

This custom caricature order form is where you can get more specific about what you want.
You can add a full body, add more than one person, add a pet, or a background. There is also the option to choose if you want vector art or commercial rights.
This form will ask you a few questions and calculate a price based on your answers. Feel free to play with it until you get a price you are comfortable with as it will not charge you until you put in a credit card number.

Order your own custom caricature by clicking the button below!

Pet Caricature

This is the Pet caricature order form.Use this form to order a caricature of one or more pets. Dog, cat, birds etc.You can add people in the caricature too.

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gift cert

Gift Certificate

Bring a smile on your loved one’s face, It could be Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary? Or just simply an attempt to cheer them up!

Caricatures make great gifts!
Click here or use the button below to purchase a gift certificate that you can send via email.

Each one starts at CAD$29.99 and is valid for Basic, Pet and Custom Caricature orders.

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Custom Offer

Please use this form for an invoice I sent you with a price, you can use your credit card here using this form.

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The Caricature Process

1. Once the order is placed, I will submit a rough sketch to the email address you provided. One round of edits is included in the price so if you need revisions to the overall shapes, pose, or likeness, this is the time to request them.

PLEASE NOTE: A caricature artist chooses features to exaggerate, and certain edit requests will change the likeness and comic effect.

2. Only after you approve the sketch will I submit a second version. If you need revisions to any personalised details (clothing, props, or accessories) this is the time to request those types of changes. (Any changes to step #1 at this point will be subject to an additional charge.)

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