About the Artist - Rajiv

Lives in Vancouver, BC
Artist, Husband, Nature Lover
and Caretaker of three cute Chihuahuas...

My name is Rajiv Gupta…and I love to draw.

Since my early childhood days, I have always had a passion for drawing. It took me a lot of accidental deviations in life including studying engineering, training and development executive job, sales job and then finally exploring my artistic boundaries with being a full time tattoo artist which led to studying water color and oil painting. It all led to the art of storytelling with Caricatures.

That’s the reason I started this website. I always took my drawing talent for granted but, as time passed, I saw that people really enjoyed and valued my art when I tell their stories through my drawings. A one of a kind drawing where I can create them where they want to be, with whomsoever they want to be, doing what so ever they want to do. All is possible. You get a cool, custom caricature of your life story or a beautiful moment which you want illustrated. So let me draw something for you or your loved ones and hopefully bring a big smile on your face in a creative and fun style.

Upwards and onwards…

Email me: rajiv@goofycatures.com

Check out some recent drawings

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